What is a Home Memoir?


Every home holds a houseful of memories!

Maybe you raised a family in your home, launched a business at the dining room table, trained pets in the backyard, welcomed guests to parties and carved the Thanksgiving turkey year after year in your kitchen. Or perhaps you were the one growing up in the house, with each room unfolding a chapter from your childhood.

We will help you to capture these cherished memories in a Home Memoir! Going room by room and interviewing you and others who live with you, we’ll create a treasured keepsake that you can hand down for generations.


People who have loved their home treasure this hardback, one-of-a-kind “coffee table book” with photos of their home accompanied by text developed from family stories, both funny and touching.  We also offer an ebook option.

A Home Memoir is the perfect gift for:

  • Yourself if you’re moving or planning to move.
  • Your parents to mark a special event such as an anniversary.
  • Your grown children who get nostalgic about their childhood.
  • Anyone who has ever loved a home!


  • We will professionally photograph your home, or we can help you select photos you already have or your realtor permits you to use.
  • We’ll interview you – and your family members if you wish – over the phone or by videochat to capture your favorite stories room by room.
  • We will draft text based on the interviews and crop and enhance the photos when necessary.
  • We will lay out your book and provide you with a preview PDF to make sure you love your book before we go to print.
  • Our DIY” option lets you supply the text and images, and we will do the layout and provide a finished PDF.