By phone or video chat, we will interview you and your family members about your memories from living in your home, room by room. Then we’ll draft the text for your approval. If you prefer, you can draft the text and we will edit and polish it as necessary.

Couple dreaming of their new house. They are sitting on a wooden floor imagining their new home with furniture in it. The house is currently empty. They are booth looking up and smiling happily.


We will help you sort through photos and identify those that will best illustrate the stories you want to include. Your photos can feature family members in your home, or each room can be empty. We also can use real estate company images with permission, or we can send a professional photographer to your home.



The process is rewarding in itself, and at the end you’ll have a beautifully bound coffee table book for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. See a sample. In addition to the book, or instead of the hard copy, we can create a digital ebook so you can have your home with you on your phone or tablet.

Closeup image of a woman reading a book with coffee cup on wooden table in modern cafe